Sacrament (На английском языке) Barker Clive

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Sacrament (На английском языке) Barker Clive


Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. Издание полностью на английском языке.Will Rabjohns has everything. Hes also a haunted man, driven to risk his life for his art -- to capture the raw tragedy of the wild, the beauty of natures violence. There he must relive a central childhood memory: a meeting with ancient and terrible forces which revealed to him the mystery at the heart of nature. After a near fatal encounter with a polar bear, he lies in a coma. And he realizes that if he awakes, he must confront the darkness of his past and wage a war, not only for his own soul, but for the soul of the planet and every animal that breathes upon it. Hes handsome, hes rich, and hes revered as the worlds greatest wildlife photographer.

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